Meet the Team

That’s right, it’s just me. I take my profession and my reputation very seriously. While I could have agents working under me in my company, I choose not to at this time. Why? My reputation. If an agent who works for me does something wrong that negatively impacts a customer, that’s a reflection of me. I refuse to let someone else’s incompetence hurt my reputation. I’ve worked too hard throughout my life to have a good reputation, and that’s too important to me to let someone else ruin it.


Ted Whelan

Owner + Licensed Agent

Our Approach

At the Whelan Insurance Group, we don’t sell products. Sounds strange for a company that sells insurance. But what this means is that we are an independent brokerage, and we can offer products from over 100 different insurance carriers. We’re not pushing any one carrier’s policies. We believe in finding the best policy from whatever company provides the best solution to meet our customers’ needs.

Our Story

In 2010, Ted Whelan got his insurance license. He immediately became an independent agent because he believed in doing the right thing for his customers. In 2014, he opened his own company, the Whelan Insurance Group. Nothing about his philosophy changed. He started the company because so many people encouraged him to do so because they said that he was the value that they were referring people to, not the products.

Next Steps...

Click on the button to the right to request a quote or to just set up an appointment to sit down and talk with me about your needs. I will usually get back to you with 24 hours. Or, feel free to call me directly on my cell phone at 813-416-2380.